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List of Orthopedics, Orthopedics Assistant, Orthopedics education, Orthopedics Programs Schools Colleges & Universities in South Carolina (SC) USA.

Greenville Hospital System/University of South Carolina School of Medicine
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
701 Grove Road, 2nd Floor Support Tower
Greenville, SC 29605
Phone: (864)455-7878 (864)455-7082
Email: fnelson@ghs.org

Medical University of South Carolina
96 Jonathan Lucas St, CSB 708
PO Box 250622
Charleston, SC 29425
phone: (843)792-0601 (843)792-3674
Email: tuckerc@musc.edu

Palmetto Health/University of South Carolina School of Medicine
Two Medical Park, Suite 404
Columbia, SC 29203
Phone: (803)434-6879 (803)434-7306
Email: david.koon@uscmed.sc.edu


View Orthopedic Schools, Colleges & Universities in USA - Australia

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